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Manicure & Pedicure


1.Classic Manicure $20 

Basic manicure, shape nails, clean cuticles, massage, and polish.

2.Gel Manicure $35 

Basic manicure with Gel color

3.Deluxe Manicure $25 

Includes trimming, shape, clean cuticles, massage, polish, and addition of paraffin wax to leave your skin hydrated.


1.Classic pedicure $25 

Basic pedicure, shape toenails, clean cuticles, massage, and polish.

2.Spa Pedicure $30 

Includes toenails trimming, shape, clean cuticles, conditioning exfoliation scrub to your skin, massage and polish.

3.Deluxe Pedicure $35 

Starting with a spa pedicure, addition a gentle moisturizing mask, leave your skin smooth.

4.Luxury Pedicure $50 

Starting with the basic pedicure, addiction a gentle exfoliating treatment with rose scrub, a moisturizing mask, plus a deep paraffin to leave your skin hydrate, a very pampering therapeutic pedicure.

5.Gel Pedicure $50 

Starting with a basic pedicure and finish with the gel color.